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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is about you being compensated for wrongs done to you by another individual, group or organization. The most common wrongs you can be compensated for include:

Defamation: Someone has said something untrue about in person, in writing, in the media, or on the internet.

Assault and Battery: You’ve been struck and injured by someone. Sure they’ve been charged criminally, but you’re off work and suffering financially.

Harassment: You’re being harassed in person, in the classroom, or in the office. You want it to stop now, and you want to be compensated for your misery.

Privacy Breach: Intimate pictures have appeared on the Internet, or your personal medical records have been made public, or your credit card records have been hacked off a major corporation’s website.

Slip and Fall: Your landlord or the City didn’t clear the sidewalk after a snowstorm. You slipped and fell and now you’ve got a concussion.

Sexual Assault: you’ve been sexually assaulted. Now you trust no one, you’re terrified to go out on your own.

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