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Bail Success Stories*


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Check out a sample of our recent cases:

Case: R. v. O.A.* 
Charges: While out on an earlier release order, O.A. was charged with:

1) Fail to Comply with a Release Order
2) Dangerous Operation

3) Failure to Provide a Breath Sample

4) Utter Threats (2 counts)
5) Criminal Harassment
6) Failure to Comply
7) Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle

8) Race Motor Vehicle

9) Failure to Stop for Police.
Result: Released on Bail


Case: R. v. K.I.*
Charges: Conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, where the indictable offences include:
1) Robbery with a Firearm
2) Disguise with Intent
3) Point Firearm
4) Threaten Death
5) Possession of a Weapon
6) Possession of Property Obtained by Crime
7) Unauthorized Possession of Firearm
8) Possession of a Prohibited Firearm with Ammunition
9) Possess Firearm Obtained By Crime
10) Careless use of a firearm
11) Possession of Property Obtained by Crime
Result: Released on Bail

Case: R. v. F.J.*

1) Impaired Driving

2) Two (2) Counts of Possession of Proceeds of Crime

3) Failure to Comply with a Release Order for an earlier Impaired Driving Charge
Story:  F.J. was facing charges of DUI and failure to comply with a release order made in relation to multiple counts of possession of proceeds of crime (2) and failure to comply with an earlier release order made when F.J. was charged with impaired driving.  
Result: After a Bail Review, our lawyer secured F.J.’s release from custody!

Case: R. v. L.K.

1) Animal Cruelty 445(1)(A)
2) Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle CC 320.14(1)(A)
3) Driving While Suspended HTA 53(1)
4) Mischief to Property CC 430 (4)
5) Refuse to Provide Breath Sample CC 320.15(1)
6) Impaired Operation of a Conveyance CC 320.14 (1) (A)
7) Over 80 Operation of a Conveyance CC 320.14 (1) (B)
8) Five (5) counts of Fail to Comply with Release Order Section 145(5)(A) 

Result:  Our lawyer secured L.K.’s release on bail!

Case: R. v. J.K.*

1) Administer Noxious Substance CC 245(1)
2) Overcome Resistance to Commission of Offence CC 246
3) Aggravated Sexual Assault CC 273(1)

Result:  Our lawyer negotiated J.K.'s release from the Police Station.

Case: R. v. N.R.*

1) Firearm in motor vehicle SEC 94(1) CC
2) Possession of a Loaded Prohibited or Restricted Firearm 95(1) CC
3) Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm 91(1) CC
4) Possession of a Schedule I Substance 4(1) CDSA
5) Possession of Prohibited Ammunition Knowing Its Possession is Unauthorized 92(2)

Result:  Our lawyer secured N.R.’s release on bail!

Case: R. v. L.J.*

1) Five (5) Counts of Failure to Comply with an Undertaking X3 CC
2) Four (4) Counts of Domestic Assault X4 CC 266
3) One (1) Count of Assault with a Weapon CC 267(a)
4) One (1) Count of Utter Threats – Cause Death or Bodily Harm CC 264.1(1)
5) One (1) Count of Domestic Mischief X2 CC 430(4)
6) One (1) Count of Drive while Prohibited CC 320.18(1

Result:  Our lawyer secured L.J.’s release on bail!

Case: R. v. J.Y.*

1) Fraud Over $5,000
2) Attempt to Commit Fraud Under $5,000
3) Possession of Identity Documents
4) Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable
5) Failure to Attend Court

Result:  Our lawyer negotiated J.Y.’s release from Police Station
Client Says: “Thank you so much for all your hard work.” - J.Y.

Case: R. v. S.S.*

1) One (1) Count of Breach of a Recognizance, while on bail for:
2) Sixteen (16) Counts of Utter Forged Documents CC 368(1)(b)
3) Sixteen (16) Counts of Theft of a Motor Vehicle CC 333.1
4) Two (2) Counts of Possess Stolen Property Over $5,000 CC 355(a)
5) One (1) Count of Possess Counterfeit Mark CC 376(2)(b)

Result:  Our lawyer negotiated S.S’s release from the Police Station
Client Says: "Thank you, sir!" - S.S.

*Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and may vary according to the facts in individual cases.

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