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Record Destruction
of an As
sault Charge
There are two sides to every Assault. We take yours!


Charged with Assault but never convicted?

If you were once charged with Assault (or any criminal offense) but never found guilty, it is in your best interest to get all of the police records associated with your case removed from the RCMP and local Ontario Police databases as soon as possible.


What Records Do the Police Retain?

Even though you were never convicted, the police retain a record of your criminal charge, your mugshot, videos of your arrest and the time you spent in a jail cell, officer’s notes, your fingerprints, and even your DNA (if it was collected) still reside in the databases of the RCMP and the Ontario police agency that handled your case.


It's Not Fair
It’s not fair that after all the hassle and stress of beating a criminal charge, because even though you were never convicted, the very existence of these records may:
1. Prevent you from future employment
2. Prevent you from obtaining insurance at reasonable rates
3. Prevent you from volunteering to help others
4. Prevent you from retaining custody of your children in a divorce situation
5. Prevent you from obtaining credit
6. Prevent you from certain education programs
7. Prevent you from working for the Government
8. Prevent you from ever visiting the USA

Fixed Price Fingerprint and Photographic Records Destruction

Toronto Criminal and DUI Lawyers offers a FIXED-PRICE Fingerprint and Photographic Records Destruction Package that aims to have all records associated with your criminal charge removed from all police databases in Ontario and Canada, FOREVER.

Times are often tough when you emerge from a near miss with the criminal justice system. Toronto Criminal and DUI Lawyers can help you achieve your goal of having your criminal charge records destroyed by offering you low-cost, budget-friendly, zero-interest financing.

Contact Us for a Blemish-Free Future 
If you want a blemish-free future with no remaining trace of your encounter with the Criminal Justice System, Call (416) 400-6668 and speak wit
h one of our Law Society of Ontario licensed lawyers who will explain to you how we can help. Our lawyers are available 24/7 and the initial consultation is always FREE, so call (416) 400-6668 and speak to a lawyer now!

If you need Record Destruction for any type of Assault Charge 
Speak to a sensitive and experienced Assault Lawyer now. 
The consultation Is FREE and
will last as long It takes to understand Your problem and recommend a course of action

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