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A DUI While Driving an ATV or Boating Can Cost You Your Automobile Driver's Licence!



Case: R. v. K.P.* 
Impaired While Driving an ATV
Charges: 1) Impaired Operation of a Conveyance,  
2) Operating power-driven Conveyance over max speed specified. 

Result: Criminal Charges Withdrawn

"Seriously, my dream job was gone if you hadn't got me off.  I learned my lesson big time."


* Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and may vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Facing an off-road (ATV/Boating) DUI charge?

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Caught ATVing or Boating While Impaired?

If you've been caught by the police operating an ATV or a boat while you were drunk (you blew 'over 80' when tested, or you refused to take a breathalyzer test) you are now in a world of pain.

Penalties You Face
If you've been charged, you may have already lost your automobile Driver's Licence for ninety (90) days and are now facing serious criminal charges that could result in hefty fines, mandated costs, a year-long ban from driving your automobile, and leave you with a Criminal Record that restricts your employment opportunities and your ability to travel internationally.  And your automobile insurance company will not be impressed.

ATVers and Boaters Charged with DUI Face Harsh Penalties and Life-long Hassles

People convicted of impaired operation of an ATV or a Boat face:

  • Having their Automobile Driver's Licence suspended for one (1) year.  

  • $1,000 fine

  • Higher Insurance Rates

  • Mandatory enrolment in an Ignition interlock program at their own expense

  • Mandatory enrolment in an impaired driving education program at their own expense

  • A Criminal Record impacting employment, credit scores, and travel to the USA

Avoid the Harsh Penalties and Life-long Hassles

Hire a lawyer with a track record of getting ATV/Boating DUI Charges Dropped or Reduced

  • Speak to an Experienced ATV/Boating DUI Lawyer now 

  • Get a Free Initial Consultation

  • Get Straight Answers to All Your Questions

  • Remember: you don’t go to court. We go for you

  • Budget-Friendly Financing to help you pay for your defence


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 Lawyer for FREE right now. Call (416) 400-6668  24/7


Value from Experience

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