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Sexual Assault 
There are two sides to every assault charge. We take yours!


If you have been accused of sexual assault, you need an experienced sexual assault lawyer on your side immediately. An experienced sexual assault lawyer will help you defend against false claims and will craft an expert defence strategy designed to assist you in overcoming this serious charge.

Penalties for a Sexual Assault

Penalties associated with a sexual assault conviction can extend to life in prison, depending on the age of the victim, whether violence was used in the assault and the extent of the assault. When you go to jail, a DNA sample will be taken, and you will be entered into the sex offender database. Upon release from jail, you will have to abide by strict supervision and long-term monitoring conditions.


In addition, you face the possibility of fines, probation, and other restrictions associated with having a criminal record, such as firearm bans, employment challenges, and international travel restrictions.



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Our Proprietary Approach to Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault charges are very serious. They can  have significant consequences on your reputation, your freedom,  your liberty, your employment opportunities, your relationship with your family, and your ability to travel internationally.


There are two sides to every assault charge. You need a lawyer who takes your side, believes in you and will fight to resolve your assault charge in a manner most favorable to you. As criminal assault lawyers, we appear in court for you, speak with the Crown Prosecutors on your behalf, resolve your charges, or take them to trial.


Speak to an experienced Assault Lawyer
for FREE right now. Call (416) 400-6668  24/7


We humanize you in the eyes of the Crown Prosecutor

When a Crown Prosecutor receives your case from the police all they see is your name, a case number, your charge(s), and the details of your alleged crime. That’s it. 


Our proprietary approach in dealing with the Crown Prosecutors on your behalf is to expand their vision of you. To help them see you as a ‘person’ — a father, son, brother, mother, daughter, sister and so on. We ensure they are aware of hardships you’ve endured in life, your goals, your ambitions. We want them to understand the life pressures on you that may have been a factor when the alleged assault occurred. And through proposed diversion programs, we want them to understand how you are dealing with this situation in a way that is most favorable to ensure it never happens again.


Having ‘humanized’ you in the eyes of the Crown Prosecutor, the next step is to negotiate to have your assault charges reduced, dropped completely, or withdrawn as a result of proposed diversion programs, and resolved with small fines, community service, or a peace bond.


However, if we have to go to court to fight for you, we will aggressively defend you, fight for your rights, and  strive to have all charges against you withdrawn.

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Nothing Succeeds Like Success

Check Out One of Our Recent Wins

Case: R. v. R.E.* 
Charge: Sexual Assault 
Result: All Criminal Charges Withdrawn

“OMG I can not believe it! I thought my life was ruined and you got me off. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  - R.E.

* Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and may vary according to the facts in individual cases.



Sexual Assault
Sexual assault is an assault of a sexual nature. This is a serious crime in Canada. Just being the subject of sexual assault allegations can instantly ruin your reputation.

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