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Over 80 / Impaired Driving



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Impaired Driving is a Criminal Offence

Impaired Driving, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Drunk Driving, and Driving While High are considered by the courts to be among the most serious criminal offences because they can create massive property damage and/or result in injury or loss of life.

If you have been arrested on DUI charges, your life just got very complicated:

  • You have spent time in a jail cell

  • Your car has been towed and impounded  at your expense

  • Your Driver’s Licence has been suspended 

  • You are liable for a $275 fee to get your Driver's Licence back

  • You are liable for a $500 administrative fee

  • You are facing Criminal Charges

First-Timers Face Harsh Penalties and Life-long Hassles

People convicted of impaired driving for the first time face:

  • Driver's Licence Suspension for one year

  • $1,000 fine

  • Higher Insurance Rates

  • Mandatory enrolment in an Ignition interlock program at their own expense

  • Mandatory enrolment in an impaired driving education program at their own expense

  • A Criminal Record impacting employment, credit scores, and travel to the USA


Avoid the Harsh Penalties and Life-long Hassles

Hire a seasoned DUI lawyer with a track record of getting DUI charges Dropped or Reduced.

Typical Case: R. v. E.B. 
E.B. was stopped and charged with Impaired Driving and Over 80. Through the diligent work of our legal team, all charges were dropped. E.B says: “I’m glad it is over and done with.  My mind has been all over the place at work and at home. It’s great to be back to straight thoughts.  I greatly appreciate it.  You did very well. Thank you for helping me!”

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