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There are two sides to every assault. We take yours!


* Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results
and may vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Facing an Assault Charge?

You've been hit with an assault charge.


You need help quick!


You need someone who believes in you!

You need someone with experience who will fight for you!

Call (416) 400-6668  24/7  Speak directly to an experienced ASSAULT Lawyer for FREE. The call will last as long as it takes to understand your problem and recommend a course of action. You'll receive an instant, fixed-price quote with budget-friendly financing options.


Nothing Succeeds Like Success

Check Out One of Our Recent Wins

Case: R. v. B.A. 
Charge: Assault, Utter Threats, Failure to Comply 
Result: All Criminal Charges Withdrawn

“I was so afraid, having never been in this type of situation before. You helped me make sense of the court process and got me out of this terrible mess.  My life would have been inalterably affected had it not been for your hard work.  God bless you and your team!  
You were clear, fair, and transparent from the start and throughout the entire process.  Your client portal really kept me and my family up to date and we felt like a part of the team.  Thank you.  I strongly recommend anyone in a similar situation pick up the phone and call you immediately
” - 

Facing an Assault Charge?
Speak to an Experienced Assault Lawyer.

The Consultation Is FREE.
Call (416) 400-6668    24/7

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