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Assault and Battery

Can I Sue Someone for Assaulting Me?
YES YOU CAN! You can sue someone for assaulting you, even if the assailant is facing criminal charges for that assault. In that situation, while the criminal process is playing out, you can independently file a civil claim that can result in monetary damages to compensate you for the physical and psychological injuries you’ve suffered as well as any financial losses resulting from medical bills and income lost from time off work, etc. So, if you have been assaulted and want
revenge, contact one of our Law Society of Ontario Licenced Assault and Battery Lawyers 24/7 at (416) 400-6668. The initial consultation is always free.

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Assault?

No. You can sue an assailant years after the assault occurred. However, injuries arising from assaults can take a long time to heal and the emotional impact of an assault can affect a victim’s life forever. So, if you have been assaulted, it’s in your best interest not to wait, but rather contact one of our Law Society of Ontario Licensed Assault and Battery Lawyers at (416) 400-6668 as soon as possible.

If I Win, What Will My Compensation Be?
Successful plaintiffs in assault or battery suits can expect to be awarded damages to compensate for the injuries and expenses that resulted from the assault.

This includes compensation for:
1. Medical expenses, medical bills, medical treatment costs
2. Lost income and wages for the present and future
3. Emotional distress or pain and suffering, and if the assault was especially 
traumatic, the plaintiff may receive damages to cover the long-term cost of therapy as well.
4. Civil assault and civil are eligible for punitive damages that are designed to punish the defendant for their appalling behavior. Punitive damages amount to up to three times the compensation awarded for regular damages.

Can I Sue the Owners of the Location Where the Assault Occurred?
YES YOU CAN! Often assaults occur on other people’s property, at house parties, or in bars and restaurants. Perhaps your assailant was served too much alcohol, became aggressive, and chose to attack you (verbally, physically, or both). In this situation, the bar or restaurant owner potentially bears some responsibility for the assault. Which means you have more people to sue, not just the assailant. Commercial hosts such as restaurant and bar owners likely have insurance, so working with one of our Law Society of Ontario Licenced Assault and Battery lawyers who is also experienced in insurance law is key to you receiving fair compensation. Call (416) 400-6668 and speak to a lawyer now. The initial consultation is always free.

Recreational Sports Assault
Many people enjoy participating in recreational sports. Usually, the games played are fun, however, tempers occasionally flare resulting in injuries to one or more of the participants. Very aggressive players expose themselves to legal liability for injuries they’ve caused on the field of play or ice. If you have been seriously injured while playing a sport, you may be entitled to claim damages to c
ompensate for your injuries. Our Law Society of Ontario Licensed Assault and Battery Lawyers will quickly evaluate your situation and help you claim the compensation you deserve for the pain and suffering caused by your injuries. Call (416) 400-6668 24/7 and speak to one of our Law Society of Ontario Licenced Assault and Battery Lawyers. The initial consultation is always free.

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