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Drinking While Boating Can Cost You Your Automobile Driver's Licence!

Value From Experience

Drawing exclusively on the knowledge and experience of former Crown Attorney's, Provincial Offences Prosecutors, Senior Police Officers and 20+ Years of Criminal Defence Expertise,  Toronto Criminal and DUI Lawyers are pleased to share their expertise and experience on the consequences of a DUI charge while boating.

Caught Drunk Boating?
If you've been caught by the police operating motorized or non-motorized vessel (including paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, sailboats, dinghies, an inflatable boat, or a raft) while you're drunk (Blow Over 80), or refuse to take a breathalyzer test, you've likely lost your Driving Licence for 90 days and now will face serious criminal charges that could result in you having a Criminal Record for the rest of your life.


First-Timers Face Harsh Penalties and Life-long Hassles

People convicted of impaired boating for the first time face:

  • Driver's Licence Suspension for one year

  • $1,000 fine

  • Higher Insurance Rates

  • Mandatory enrolment in an Ignition interlock program at their own expense

  • Mandatory enrolment in an impaired driving education program at their own expense

  • A Criminal Record impacting employment, credit scores, and travel to the USA

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